Google introduces cloud-based blockchain node services

GoogleNovember 08, 2022

Tech giant Google said Thursday it will be launching a cloud-based node engine for Ethereum projects. The move demonstrates the increased importance that technological behemoths are placing on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 projects.
Google described the node service as “fully managed node-hosting service that can minimize the need for node operations,” meaning that Google will be responsible for monitoring node activity and restarting them during outages.
A node is a machine that runs blockchain software to validate and store transaction history on a blockchain network. Google will only support Ethereum nodes at the time of launch.
Google’s announcement underlines the growing attention that technology giants are paying to blockchain, crypto and Web3 projects. Previously, Google formed a partnership with Coinbase to allow crypto payments for its cloud services. In January, it also announced it was building a Digital Asset Team for Google Cloud, committed to building Web3 projects.
“Blockchain is changing the way the world stores and moves its information,” Google said in its announcement.