Climate risk solutions Arbol surpasses $100 Mn written premiums in 2022

MediumNovember 08, 2022

Climate risk solutions, Arbol has transacted more than $100 million in gross written premiums in 2022. This is a steep growth of platform activity compared to only $70 million in the entirety of 2021 and only $2 million in 2020. The growth showcases Arbol facilitating more users' climate insurance, powered by smart contracts and decentralized oracle solutions, with live pricing and payment in a matter of minutes.
Sid Jha, Founder and CEO of Arbol states that “The traction and scale the Arbol platform continues to see is a testament to the market demand for end-to-end parametric climate risk solutions.”. 
Insurance products, long touted as another potential avenue of product-market fit with blockchains, have started to gain traction. Over 20 different insurance products exist to ensure decentralized finance protocols while more traction is being made on real-life insurance products by initiatives like Arbol, but also Etherisc and Nexus Mutual.