Citigroup hires Digital Asset Risk Manager

CitigroupNovember 08, 2022

Citigroup is an investment banking giant - the third largest bank in the United States. It's headquartered in New York City and operates in more than 160 countries, has more than 200,000 employees and has over 20 trillion USD in assets under custody.
Now Citigroup has again opened a new digital asset vacancy, this time looking for a risk manager in the field of digital assets, who is responsible for the risk management of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and defi.
The move is part of a plan to build a digital asset division within Citigroup, and they're not the only one. The "Big Four" banks have started to get serious about crypto. Take J.P. Morgan who have a 'Digital Investment Banking team' and are stating that blockchain could have far-reaching implications for corporate finance. Or Goldman Sachs, who was the first major U.S. bank to start trading crypto over-the-counter (OTC).
The Big Four banks all taking a more serious stance towards the digital asset market in recent periods shows how this new asset class is developing into something more mature. It will also make blockchain investments more attractive for institutional investors.
Well-known traditional players are putting their reputation on the line by publicly involving themselves with the asset class. This provides an increased sense of security to conservative investors who have been lagging in their adoption.