BMM Testlabs grants first Compliance Certification in blockchain industry to Chainlink VRF

BMMNovember 08, 2022

BMM Testlabs, the longest standing and most experienced private independent gaming laboratory, has announced today that Chainlink VRF received GLI-19 compliance through BMM Testlabs. Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) is one of the blockchain- based cryptographically secure services the Chainlink protocol provides. It is used widely amongst all cryptocurrency networks to ensure RNG, minting NFTs, randomizing game events and more. Since it first launched, Chainlink VRF has served over 8 million randomness requests through their decentralized oracle networks.
Certification in the blockchain industry means that cryptographic decentralized solutions that are objectively better than their centralized counterparts can now be used within the regulatory frameworks and ensures developers in both Web2 and Web3 can rely on best practices security build in their offering by utilizing a random, verifiable and tamper-proof minimized approach.
We are following these developments closely - where web3 applications have a way to be implemented into centralized web2 companies. The potential of blockchains does not only lie in web3, but also in strengthening the conditions of web2 applications and services. This can mean that in the future, web2 companies could adopt blockchain-based services in part of their value chain. Certification such as these, strengthen that thesis by removing regulatory difficulties.