Avalanche upgrade allows for seamless subnet communication

The BlockDecember 22, 2022

Avalanche rolled out the “Banff 5″ software upgrade this week to introduce Avalanche Warp Messaging. The upgrade will let Avalanche subnets to easily communicate and share data with each other.
The developers of Avalanche have released an update to the AvalancheGo software, which is used to implement the Avalanche blockchain in the Go programming language. This update, called "Banff 5," includes a new feature called Avalanche Warp Messaging. This communication protocol will allow different subnets within the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem to share data and assets with each other, making it more useful for developers. The introduction of this feature is a significant development for the Avalanche network, as it will facilitate direct communication between subnets.
The introduction of AWM allows for seamless communication between subnets and eliminates the need for individual subnet projects to deploy and manage their own bridges. This has the potential to open the door for new use cases, such as cross-chain applications that use different subnets.
The upgrade shows a way for Avalanche to scale while keeping its composability, an often-cited reason for the high number of innovations in dApps. In contrast, a fragmented blockchain where assets and protocols live in different silos that cannot effectively build on top of other protocols using the building blocks available to them.
Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, successfully sent the first native subnet-to-subnet message using AWM on Thursday.